Ella Rue

Motivated by passion, driven by great design.

Ella WHO? Ella RUE!

Elegance (ELLAgance) n. [el-i-guhns]
Gracefully refined and dignified, as in tastes, habits, literary, or aesthetic style.
Eloquence (ELLAquence) n. [el-uh-kwuhns]
The quality of persuasive, powerful expression
Elemental (ELLAmental) n. [el-uh-ment-al]
Fundamental or essential; basic.
Elaqueate (ELLAqueate) n. [el-uh-quē-āte]
To unfetter. To disentangle.
Used in a sentence:
"Without Ella Rue's elemental elegance and eloquence for creativity, we would not have been able to elaqueate the challenges we faced. We would undoubtedly rue not hiring her..."

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