Ella Rue

I've had the opportunity to write a number of articles for Designer Magazine (trade magazine for the University & College Designer Association).

Victor Juhasz
Bri Hermanson
Joe Ciardello
Combat Paper
William Low
Stephen Gardner
Zina Saunders
Luba Lukova
Alice Bybee

UCDA and the Society of Illustrators have joined forces in a collaboration. Read about it here. COLLABORATION

Christopher Simmons explains how he has dedicated much of his professional life to working with non-profits, helping to make "Everything OK". Read about it here

Marc English is design shaman and showman from Austin Texas. His work has been seen in nearly every design magazine and been recognized by nearly every design competition. Read it here "In Plain English"

For my thesis, "Creative Work Done for the Public Good" Design icon, Milton Glaser allowed me to interview him. Read about it here in "Philanthropy is Work"

In this article I am describing the illustration program at NJCU, where I currently work "Hats Off to NJCU's Illustration Program"

I had the singular privilege to interview world-renowned illustrator and educator, Murray Tinkelman. Read about
Making Magic with Murray

Roberto de Vicq is an accomplished designer, book cover artist, and typographer located in NYC.
Here he shares his thoughts on design and life in an
Interview with Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich

A synopsis and summary of my Master of Arts thesis: Integrating Media Literacy in the Classroom Curriculum

Analyze This! The Message in the Media

If you can bare to stare long enough, beauty will arise from even the deepest tragedy. Here are my thoughts on a post 9/11 world.
Hope on the Fence

The trials and tribulations of design in higher ed.
Between STRESS and Serenity

If only they would let me...
HONK If you Love Telecommuting!

In the summer of 2006, together with my daughter Katie, we spent time at Taizé, France, a Christian Monestary. Here are my thoughts in

Taizé: A Respite of Renewal