Ella Rue

For my beautiful daughter for her twentieth birthday.
Sermon on parenting beyond the teenager on 6/7/09.

Just before President Barack Obama was inaugurated I was asked to give the sermon at church. "Hope" seemed an appropriate topic.
Sermon on a hopeful future 1/20/09

Following the Christmas holidays I was asked to give the sermon.
Sermon on unsung heroes 12/28/08.

For Pastor Appreciation Day, I offered the following as my sermon
Turn Turn Turn

In April of 2008 I was asked to give a sermon on the passage of Time.
A time for everything

For Pastor Appreciation Day I was asked to give the sermon: “Standing Knee Deep in a River and Dying of Thirst” 9/07

Although there is a lot to be said for the feeling of contentment that comes from a commitment from a long standing relationship; for the comfort of knowing what to expect. But there's also a lot to be said for that feeling of being a newlywed; that feeling of knowing just enough about a person that you WANT to learn more, that you are excited about all that you see and hear. Everything is still 'new' and fresh. It's intoxicating and electrifying.
Sermon on "New Beginnings" on 9/26/07 at the CUMC

Small Town Heroes: it's not what you take when you leave this world behind you... it's what you leave behind you when you go.

Sermon on Mission given on 04/29/07 at the CUMC

The importance of being kind...

Sermon on Kindness given on 12/31/06 at the CUMC