Ella Rue


"Thanks for the beautiful work. Your creativity is endless!"

Pam Brittingham
Vice President of Sales,
Califon, NJ

"Ella is energetic, passionate about design, and is the type of person you can count on. She has a very strong work ethic paired with a sense of humor, making her someone you want to work with (and be friends with)."
Leslie Haines
Chair, Department of Graphic Design
Art Institute of TN-Nashville

"Ella is a creative professional who brings talent and enthusiasm to every job, no matter how routine. She is detailed, timely and always prepared to work within budget. I look for ways to engage her creativity and enthusiasm."
Wanda Rutledge
Executive Director of Alumni Relations,
New Jersey City University

"Ella has the amazing ability to know where everything is, who is doing what, and to ensure her outside vendors and in-house contributors will deliver on time. The latter is no mean feat in a university setting. Ella possesses an infectious enthusiasm, seemingly boundless energy and unflappable optimism. She coaches without condescension and guides with a light hand. Ella has 8 years experience as an award winning designer. She is also active in the University & College Designer Association (UCDA), where she has been involved with conference and event planning, display design, auctions, publication design and competitions. She also volunteers her talents to her church, all the while managing a home with two teenage children, all while she is currently completing her second masters degree. All this at one time,
for me, would be impossible, but Ella insists that it's fun."

Dennis Dittrich
Associate Professor of Art
New Jersey City University,
2008–2014 Society of Illustrators President

"Ella has been a member of the University & College Designer Association since 2001. With her involvement, she has accomplished more in those years than some members do in a lifetime. She was the 2003 Northeast regional workshop chair and has served on the Designer magazine advisory board for four (3 year) terms. She filled two of the largest positions of volunteer responsibility—that of the 2005 annual conference chair and the 2006 design competition chair. Both of these roles require an incredible amount of time and organization and tap into her broad range of creativity. She also served as the 2011 Design Education Summit chair. In addition to all of the above, she has authored numerous articles for Designer magazine. Ella has also been instrumental in coordinating some top artists and designers to lecture at the New Jersey City university art department, including award winning Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich, Matteo Bologna and world-renowned Murray Tinkelman. Ella Rue truly believes in the spirit of volunteerism."

Tadson Bussey
Executive Director
University & College Designer Association

“Ella's ability to use her skills as a writer and designer continue to impress me. Her research and contacts in the design industry have been a valuable asset, inspiring better work from all her classmates at Marywood University's MFA program.”
Kory Pence
Creative Director, Underfire Solutions

"I have had the privilege of working with Ella Rue in numerous capacities on campus projects and with the Board of the NJCU Art & Design Association. Ella Rue deftly combines her skill sets with a consistent professional disposition. Her candor and good humor are exceeded only by her passion for design. In addition to the enormous work-loads of design production and event organization that she performs, she is also active in numerous volunteering roles. I actively seek to have Ella Rue in close proximity to my students because she sets an example with her optimistic attitude and is an inspiring role model as a graphic designer."

Brian Gustafson
Assistant Professor of Art
New Jersey City University
Faculty Advisor, Art & Design Association